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During the planning process, there’s always a question of where to put the bathroom trailer.   

 The obvious choice for the client is to place the bathroom out of sight somewhere in the back.  Initially, this sounds like the right answer: a toilet is not the atmosphere you want your guests to take in, and not many guests want to “see and be seen” entering or exiting the restroom (especially when there’s wayward toilet paper stuck to a shoe or belt).

Then of course, you have to put signs all over the place that lead the way to this hidden valley. So now you have a hidden bathroom, but a trail of breadcrumbs that put the restroom all over your event.

If you don’t put up enough signage to your hideaway toilet, you will quickly discover that a hidden bathroom is a nonexistent bathroom. When hunting for a restroom, guests will assume that any bathroom they do see is for them. Suddenly, you will have a line forming to a relief spot in your house or venue that you did not intend for guests to use.

So do what the pros do: hide the bathroom, but hide it in plain sight. Use pipe and drape or foliage as camouflage. Go a step further and add accessories like street lamps, potted bushes and park benches, or a few groupings of a couch, chairs and coffee table. This gives guests an area to relax, and your bathroom is visible but not as prominent.

So keep in mind you need to put the bathroom where people can find it and it’s also a good idea you may want to put signage up so people can follow the trail to get to it.