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Not long ago we wrote about the exterior appearance of restrooms. Over-the-top branding by the company that owns the toilet seems the most offensive option. But how would you feel about a completely blank canvas? We had to confront this issue at a recent event.

The event required two vinyl wrapped trailers, parked next to each other. It was a busy week, and our inventory was down to exactly two trailers with just hours until showtime. Perfect, right? No.

One of the trailers for the event had been wrapped in vinyl to look like a giant boxwood hedge. Its companion, wrapped in floral vines, had been mistakenly taken to another job. The only remaining unit was a plain ivory box. And boy did it stand out!

We had a few hours, and while we couldn’t cover the entire trailer, we at least had time to add a giant decal to the party-facing end: a ring of flowers to match the life and color of the party. Centered in it was a block of text in script font. It was mostly intended to look great from a distance but still make sense if anyone read it up close. It said:

No one wants to drop a restroom in the center of their party, but we figured it’s better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it. Our graphics guys made us add this floral with a bunch of text in fancy script font. Why? Because who doesn’t feel better when they dress up a little?