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It goes without saying that you can’t be part of a restroom rental company without hearing (and doling out) more than your fair share of jokes about toilets or bodily functions or waste. Let’s face it, fart jokes almost always elicit a laugh from at least a few people in the room. Yet when it comes to figuring out why that is, I had no idea.

So I googled it.

The results were a bit of a surprise. In an instant, I was staring at a list of results that ranged from the basic “why are fart jokes funny” to attempts at sounding more high-brow with the phrase “flatulence humor. ” I guess it isn’t particularly surprising that there would be a lot of results, What is surprising is that the results aren’t just from random folks trying to be funny. They’re from reputable sources like the Atlantic and Psychology Today. So farts aren’t just funny, they’re also academic. Oh, how different my college experience could have been!

Run over to your favorite search engine and give it a try. Let us know if you find anything worth a read. If you are old fashioned and prefer to hold a printed book or magazine, head on over to Amazon and order this gem, which appeared on my first page of results: “The Big Book of Farts: because a fart joke is always funny.”