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Where to spend the money on your next event??  Food, Beverage, entertainment… These are all the easy answers.  But what makes a great party?  Fun people and fun music.  Sometimes we forget to make sure we have fun people (mixers) to attend.  For example, an office party can be boring.  Make sure to invite that secretary that used to work there that was so much fun.  Invite a few vendors or friends that are a riot to be around.  These people can make all the difference.

Now the real reason I am writing this blog:  “Where’s the bathroom?”

Spending a lot of money on the bathroom seems like a waste.  Actually, it’s not.  You would be surprised what people talk about when  describing the party they went to last night.  Cool bathrooms are always in the top 3.  I’ve said this before in previous blogs, guests hate uncomfortable restrooms.

We pride ourselves on the direction we are going with our restroom trailers.  We are now wrapping the exteriors of our trailers with beautiful graphics and not plastering our logo over them.   We are currently designing our next line of restrooms that will simulate a beautiful cottage style house as opposed to “trailer bathroom”.  Thanks to “Tiny House Nation” for that idea.