A friend came to me for help with a big party she was planning in the back yard of her home.  One of the many details she was worried about was whether she should rent portapotties or have the guests use the restroom in her house. The concerns she has are the same that most people have in a similar predicament.

First, does her plumbing work efficiently enough to handle that volume of, um… people?

Second, what happens if her bathroom gets clogged up?

Third, how can she have a portable restroom in her yard without it looking like a construction site?

But there’s even more:

What are the travel lanes getting to and from the bathroom? Will guests have to enter her house? Will glasses of red wine float dangerously close to furniture, soft seating or rugs? Is she ready for 125 people to inspect, critique and discuss her bathroom? How will it stay clean for the duration?

And how much does a rental cost if she wants to avoid all that stress?

We discussed the best available alternative: a portable restroom trailer. With all the comforts and amenities of a normal restroom, in a convenient, discreet trailer that could be parked anywhere.

She ultimately decided the convenience far outweighed the $1000 rental cost and potential stress of granting access to her restroom inside.

A perfect parking spot for it in the driveway provided guests another access point to the backyard, the main party location. Best of all, the house would not become a traffic circle of bathroom seeking guests.

She kept her privacy, the house stayed clean, and her guests stayed outside.