In this industry, everyone with a trailer for rent is quick to describe how comfortable it is. But what exactly is comfort, when it comes to a restroom? For some, it’s just a clean, quiet place to take care of business. For others, it’s running water and air conditioning and an assortment of soaps and lotions and other amenities. And that’s not even starting to bridge the “wet wipes versus toilet paper” divide. When we talk about having clean and comfortable restroom trailers, what we mean is that they are clean, tastefully designed, stocked with toilet paper, soap, and paper towels, and private. We tend to think of restrooms everyone has in their home as comfortable – so that’s what we go for. We can’t build your bathroom in a field for an event, but we believe we have trailers that come close to providing a similar level of features, functions, and peace necessary to do what needs to be done. How do you define comfort?