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Like everyone else, our inbox has been swamped with updates from every company we’ve ever done business with detailing their response to COVID-19. Frankly, no one understands the importance of this messaging more than we do.  We run a business that has virus impeding basic hygiene at its very core. We appreciate that everyone has a plan and is taking this threat seriously. Preparing for the worst is likely to yield the best outcome. 

As the CDC has indicated, the best method to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is a regimen of cleaning (removing the dirt from a surface) and disinfecting (killing the germs on a surface).  Our employees complete this regimen between rentals, and for long term rentals, as often as requested by the client. While our units are most often rented for weddings and parties, those gatherings have been postponed and our attention is turned to emergency preparedness.

For those setting up alternate work sites, quarantine centers, or needing additional space for patients or guests, consider how much more comfort and disinfecting power a portable restroom could provide.  Running water and stocked soap dispensers at the ready, non-porous surfaces that can be cleaned and disinfected as often as necessary. If you need additional weatherproof space as well, we work closely with Louisiana’s largest event equipment rental company, ELEMENT. Call them for tents, generators, hvac equipment, tables, chairs, and even catering equipment. Their sales office can be reached at 504-433-2624 during normal business hours (if you have an emergency and need a delivery before the next business day starts, their phone system provides the number of an Emergency After Hours Manager on Duty if you call when they’re closed).

They can also generate an order for a restroom trailer or handwash station of ours, if you need one of those as well?