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When Portable Toilets Grow Up, they become

Stagecoach Restroom Trailers

Similar amenities to your restroom at home, yet portable
Trailers with 2, 4, 6 or 10 toilet stalls; both toilets and urinals
Based in New Orleans, delivery range from East Texas to Florida
About Us

The Stagecoach Legacy

In the not-so-distant past, travel was unpredictable and uncomfortable. Along came the Stagecoach, an innovative new passenger trailer with comfort in mind.  Fit for the average Joe (or Jane) and royalty alike, the semi-private comfort of the stagecoach made it the preferred method of travel for nearly a century before its usefulness waned. In 2016, Stagecoach rose again, this time as a customer-centric portable restroom rental company based in New Orleans (with a delivery range that covers the Gulf South – from East Texas to the Florida Panhandle). While porta-potties are  useful for festivals and large public events, they aren’t the right fit for weddings, VIP areas, or film production lots. To cater to this market segment, Stagecoach inventory is made up exclusively of full sized towable restroom trailers. They can be set up virtually anywhere a pickup truck can go, can be used without external power and water sources, and have all of the comforts of a typical home restroom. Climate control, running water, and clean, private stalls are standard.

In partnership with ELEMENT

Stagecoach is proud to partner with ELEMENT, Louisiana’s leading one-stop event production and equipment rental company. We offer seamless ordering, payment, and coordinated delivery with your ELEMENT equipment rental. 


Our Units

People used to rely on the Stagecoach to get where they were going quickly and comfortably. Today, we deliver your choice of 2, 4, 6 or 10 stall Portable Restroom Trailers. Each is named as a nod to the legacy of the stagecoach, and we still deliver them when and where you need to go quickly and comfortably.

The Flying Machine

The Flying Machine was an inventive variation of a traditional stagecoach wagon introduced in 1766 to go blazingly fast. It reduced the travel time between Philadelphia and New York from three days to two (today, one hour and 9 minutes by commuter rail).

Each door on our 4 station unit reveals an individual bathroom, complete with a flushable toilet and sink.

  • Clean, Private Bathroom
  • Unisex Stalls you can designate for more flexibility
  • Foot lever flush toilet, for clean hands
  • Approximately 1200 uses before service is required
Rental Rate for a Single Event


The Royal Carriage

The difference between a carriage and a typical stagecoach is privacy.  A Stagecoach was generally a public passenger vehicle, while carriages were for the elite.

The ultimate in portable privacy, our two station unit features 2 separate restrooms, each with a private toilet, mirror and sink.

  • Two Single Cabins with One Toilet Each
  • Identical Unisex Cabins
  • Approx 900 uses before service is required

The Concord

An American innovation, the Concord was once dubbed “a cradle on wheels” by Mark Twain for it’s suspension and gentle rocking motion that increased comfort.

Our 6 Station Unit is divided between a Men’s and Women’s room, each with three stalls.

  • A Women’s Room with Three Toilets
  • A Men’s Room with One Toilet, Two Urinals
  • Approx 1500 uses before service is required

The Mail Coach

The Mail Coach was the workhorse of the Stagecoach fleet. With short stops and nighttime travel, it was generally the fastest, most efficient coach available.

Sturdy, roomy, and reliable, the 10 station unit is best suited for job sites, movie productions, festivals, or other high traffic event areas.

  • A Women’s Room with Five Toilet Stalls
    • Men’s Room with Two Toilets, Three Urinals
    • Approx 2800 uses before service is required
Rental Rate for a Single Event


Rental Rate for a Single Event


Rental Rate for a Single Event


Plan Like the Pros:

An Effortless Restroom Rental

Select and Reserve a Unit
[ASAP after venue selection]

Give us the what, when and where, and we will help you choose the right restroom trailer. We will recommend services based on your budget, the nature of your event, the duration, and the number of guests you anticipate. While we offer a variety of optional services, the only required charge beyond the rental rate is for delivery and pickup, based on the distance to your venue, and the window of time in which the trailer can be delivered and setup.

Ready the Venue
[The Week of Installation]

Designate and cordon off the spot where the unit will be parked. When deciding on placement, keep proximity to water and power sources in mind, if you are permitted to use them for your restroom trailer. Then plan for a way to draw guest’s attention to the restrooms without making them so obvious that they distract from the decor and flow of your event.

Double Check the Details
[Day of Your Event]

Your trailer will be delivered clean and stocked, and placed according to your instructions. Once the trailer has been delivered and set up, spend a little time inside it. Notify Stagecoach staff of any concerns or questions you may have. Then relax and enjoy your event.

Servicing and Pickup
[During and After Your Event]

Contact us immediately if there are any issues with your trailer, or if you  believe it will soon need to be serviced (paper supplies, soap, etc need to be restocked, water is running low, or grey water tank is filling up, for example). After your event, simply lock the unit and walk away. We will come retrieve, empty and clean the trailer.

We answered a few questions by phone and our unit was delivered the next day. Our cast members really appreciated the clean, air conditioned restrooms. Stagecoach was very flexible with our last minute location change, and also allowed us to extend our rental without making us jump through any hoops.

-Imagine Your Name Here!

Information &


Interior Lights

Units are powered by an optional on board generator or on-site electric line.

Climate Control

No worries about the sweltering greenhouse effect common with porta-potties.

Foot Flush

Foot pumps flush the toilet, keeping hands clean and germs at bay.

and a few more

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The Single Event Rental Rate

No one likes sticker shock, so we publicly disclose our rental rate and try to keep add-on fees or services to a minimum.The rental rate includes the cost of the unit, consumables, and waste disposal at the end of the rental. Each unit arrives freshly cleaned and stocked with paper consumables, hand soap, air freshener and water. Delivery charges (based on distance) are not included. Additional optional services can be added at your request.

Optional Features

We deliver the unit ready to use. Waste disposal at the end of the rental is included in the cost. Additional cleanings, attendant staffing, emptying of the units during rental, generators or other rental equipment are optional depending on your needs, and are available at an additional charge.

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Frequently Asked


How far in advance should I reserve?

We do have a limited number of trailers, so we always recommend ordering as far in advance as possible. We generally have more last-minute availability around the middle of the week, and in the summer.

Can I pick up and return the unit myself?

Due to liability and safety concerns, we do not allow clients to tow or move units, but we will always be happy to place the unit wherever you would like.

Privacy and comfort, anywhere

Just tell us when.

Give us a few details about your event, and we will stock and deliver the right size unit to accommodate your guests.

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As it is difficult to predict which units will be rented out at any given time, our storage yard is not open to the public. If you would like to see a restroom trailer in person, please contact a member of our team to schedule an appointment.